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Political bookworm WorkersInthe united states endure some of the most family hostile policiesInthe developed world.They also face a range of biases that affect womenInthe workplace and often blanket the entire working classIna kind of second class citizenship.In"Reshaping the work family debate:Why men and class matter,"Recently released by harvard university press, joan c.Williams explores the dynamics of our inflexible workplaces and analyzes the dysfunctional relationship between the professional managerial class and the white working class.Here, williams, director of the center for worklife law at university of california hastings law school, probes the democrats' uneasy relationship with the working class and how it could affect the 2012 presidential election. By joan c.Williams Last week's midterm election is being called a radical turn to the right.But it isn't quite as sudden as it may seem.Although union members and african americans still trend democratic, nearly two thirds of whites without a college degree voted republican last tuesday, according to exit polls;Only 35 percent voted democratic. How did new deal democrats become tea party republicans?The answer:Class conflict. In the early 1970s, republicans used class conflict to forge a coalition between white nonunion workers and business interests, creating a republican alliance that has won seven of christian louboutin womens wedge the last 11 presidential elections and has dominated many lower offices as well, as happened last tuesday. Sarah palin knows how to bond with these white nonunion voters.Unless democrats want palin as president, they need to stop alienating those voters.Here's how: Is the elitism charge fair?Pretty fair.Many influential progressives are in the top 13 percent of american families:Professional managerial families with a Median income of $148, 000.The middle 53 percent of americans(Median income:$64, 000)See professionals as elite.Democrats unconsciously signal their elitism by identifying republicans as favoring a working class treat(Slurpees)And themselves as preferring arugula(As did obama)Or endive(As did howard dean)Or wind surfing(As did john kerry). 3.Get it right on big government Republicans have demonized government for 40 years.The very programs the gop slams as big government are the most popular and relied upon:Social security, medicare.While such universal programs are popular, programs that help the poor but not americans only a little richer trigger class conflict.Democrats fell into this trap when christian louboutin sale uk they said that the centerpiece of health care reform was to cover americans who lack health insurance, thereby allowing republicans to say that the democrats, as always, proposed to tax hardworking have a littles to pay for benefits the have nots. Workers generally resent professionals, but admire the rich.Stop assuming that taxing the rich will be popular.Instead, show that giveaways to the rich typically pass down privilege but don't create jobs. 5.Value 21st century families High school educated men have seen their wages fall by 25 percent since 1973 and fear that one false step can push their families into poverty.To beat back gop talk about"Family values,"Democrats need to shift the focus to the un workability of life day to day in hard pressed american families.Americans work the longest hours of virtually any industrialized country, with the fewest family supports.Family values demand policies that enable americans both to support and care for their families. Democrats will lose unless and until they learn to do what republicans have done successfully for 40 years woo and win the white working class.With the motto:Hard work rewarded, democrats have their best hope of keeping obama in the white house and not handing it over to palin. Christianity is very important to many americans.They don't see liberal judges as their friends when they want to maintian public expression of their faith in schools and on courthouse lawns(Yes, that includes navitity scenes)But at the same time, they fear that muslims in this country are getting special treatment by courts considering legitimate criticism of islam as being 'hate speech'. Pushing gun control costs democrats elections, yet they keep refusing to totally repudiate it and instead call for 'reasonable' restrictions that end up being gun prohibition laws.Tell louboutin outlet chuck schumer co.To put a sock in it. Democrats also refuse to reduce federal spending.They keep saying that they are not going to increase taxes, but run up such huge deficits that the resulting loss in value for the us dollar ends up being a massive hidden tax for all americans that hits the lower and middle classes worst of all.The democrats keep trumpeting how bill clinton balanced the federal budget during his administration, but fail to acknowledge that president clinton had to be dragged kicking and screaming into cutting federal spending by a republican congress led by newt gingrich. If you raise the taxes on people who happen to be making more money, all that will happen is that the added taxes will be passed along to the consumers in the form of higher prices.Sorry, but if a big company has only a 3% return on investment but does $300 billion in sales, then yes, it's going to make several billion dollars in profit.3% return is NOT excessive. Democrats need to earn a reputation as moderates.You can't force your 'blue dogs' to toe the liberal party line and expect anyone to think of you as anything other than left wing extremists. That makes you no less extreme than the most extreme of the right wing advocates that you complain about in your campaign ads.I saw enough in this campaign of this to utterly disgust me.Let the contest be on the whole picture instead.If your ideas are the best, then they will stand up on their own merit. The obamas bet not ever be asahmed of their education with soooooo many black children dropping out and black males in jail!Sarah is a fad.They keep saying that they are not going to increase taxes, but run up such huge deficits that the resulting loss in value for the us dollar ends up being a massive hidden tax for all americans" Mythbuster 1:But it was bush and the republicans who exploded the federal budget, cutting taxes mostly for the wealthy while increasing gov't spending. Mythbuster 2:The falling dollar drives up costs of imports yes, but it also drives down the cost of exports, thus expanding the manufacturing sector and adding blue collar jobs.